Frequently Asked Questions

Is the space appropriate for a brewery?

Sorry, no. Because of the residential unit above, we are seeking a less intensive (and alcoholic) use to ensure all building tenants can inhabit the grounds peacefully. There are loads of awesome breweries already on the street!

What about a cafe or small restaurant?

We would welcome a simple food/coffee service business, however, the build-out cost would have to be assumed by the tenant, and likely mean a multi-year lease.

Can we tear out the walls between Rooms A and B to open up the space?

Unfortunately, No. The walls between units are structural and contain much of the building’s utilities. It would be very expensive and disruptive to open up these adjoining walls beyond the doors that already exist.

Will the landlord pay for remodeling or building to suit?

While we can offer a small stipend to build-out the kitchenette in Room B (if that is needed), that won’t cover much more. That stipend could go to another use or be applied to a larger remodel if the tenant had funds to support it. The landlord must approve any improvements or remodel plans.

Can I live in one of the rooms?

Technically, No. The land use does not support residential use on the ground floor. Room C would be a terrific “lounge” when paired with commercial use in A&B.

How do I learn more?

If the space is available, we will post an ad on Craigslist or other sites. If you have general questions you can reach out at rental at angeley dot org.